North –> South

Today was the day we left the North Island for the South Island. This involved a 3 hour ferry across the water between the two. I don’t know about you but I thought it would be a shorter journey than that!

We played cards for most of the journey to entertain ourselves. I decided to perk myself up with a latte, but Rhianna ordered a hot chocolate which came with marshmallows and I wish I’d ordered a mocha – the lady heard me say this to Rhianna and offered me a marshmallow and put some chocolate sauce in my drink too, what a legend.

Once safely back on dry land and back in the coach, we stopped off in Nelson to pick up some more travellers, and did another supermarket stop before continuing on to our destination – Kaiteri Lodge on the edge of Kaiteriteri National Park.

This was the SLOWEST check in experience of our whole trip. When we eventually got a room, we were lucky that we were in the same room as our mates and a guy called Stan. We headed straight to the busy kitchen to make a veggie chilli with the Harry’s, although they weren’t much help in the cooking! After dinner, James was able to plug his usb into the telly in the kitchen, so we were able to introduce the group to the brilliant film Hot Fuzz

No luck catching them swans then?


Here’s a pretty photo of the sky outside the Kaiteri Lodge: