Man down, changed plans and no more Ha Long Bay

So we’d all had a great time in Phong Nha National Park and as planned we had booked a night bus to get us up to Hanoi and then to Halong Bay for our last remaining days in Vietnam. However, a few hours before our bus was due to leave disaster stuck(!) as I suddenly felt really ill and ended up throwing up… Safe to say I wasn’t getting on a night bus!  Luckily the woman in the hostel was lovely and looked after us as soon as she took one look at me. She gave us a discounted private twin room for the night and had my bag taken to the room for me as well as managing to move our bus tickets to the following night for no extra charge. I really didn’t want to be in a dorm room when I was unwell so this was a blessing, and we were running out of time to get to Hanoi so unfortunately this meant I had to skip out Halong Bay.

Katie however did go on the night bus to Hanoi with Bianca and Tom as she really really wanted to see Halong Bay, and Rhianna kindly stayed behind with me. Although I didn’t have the best night for obvious reasons, checkout the next day was at 12 so I was able to have a lie in and not worry about disturbing other people too. 

Thankfully the next day I felt much better and managed some jam and toast for breakfast (despite being very jealous of Rhianna’s huge stack of pancakes I did restrain myself). We wondered what to do with our day as most places you need a motorbike or car to see but we decided to rent bikes and go for a leisurely bike ride. This turned out to be a great idea and we cycled along the river through the national park towards the Botanical Gardens. Here’s a snap from a sun cream and water stop: