Briefly back in Bangkok with new perceptions

After being amazed by this chaotic city, yet undecided if I like it at the same time, a pitstop back in the city after our visit to Chiang Mai did actually change my mind. We stayed in a completely different area of Bangkok and saw something else other than the sheer craziness of Khoasan Road, and of course the traffic! 

We stayed in a hostel called Yoo Yen Pen Sook (great name) in the north of the city, near Morchit bus station and a great weekend market. The area had so much more of a true local feel with swathes of antique and bric-a-brac shops and stalls lining the streets. 

Chatuchuk weekend market was really near the hostel but in fact we stumbled across it whilst just exploring the area, typical! It’s a maze of market stalls and shops selling clothes, shoes, jewellery, gifts, you name it, as well as fresh fruit and drink for refreshments. There was a great atmosphere as Thais and tourists browsed and bartered. At this point though we were super hungry as we’d been up early for our flight from Chiang Mai so we made a beeline towards the first place we saw! Spicy Thai red curry and rice for a bargain 50 baht (just over £1). It was delicious but my poor mouth was on fire and my lips were tingling there was so much chilli! Obviously my chilli tolerance leaves much to be desired. 

After spending some time perusing the wares of this huge indoor/outdoor market we headed back to the hostel to refresh, shower and plan our next couple of days. 

In an attempt to find somewhere to eat dinner, we walked beyond the market we’d been to earlier which was now closed and noticed lots of people walking in the opposite direction to us. We thought this was strange as it felt as if an event had finished. We kept going, eventually coming across a busy vintage(?) market with live music, lots of interesting stalls and places to eat. In the upper corner on a platform above the rest of the market was a restaurant full of locals so we decided to take the plunge too. It was so much fun as you grilled everything at the table yourselves and as were clearly weren’t locals the staff automatically gave us cutlery instead of chopsticks!

We had a big bucket of coke between us too and for dessert you could make your own pancakes and top it with as much chocolate sauce and sprinkles or smarties as you could. I felt like a ten year old having all the ice cream toppings at a Pizza Hut 🙈 the fact we had giant marshmallows with chocolate sauce and got it all over our faces only furthered this! We had such an enjoyable evening and all in all left with a changed impression of Bangkok!